Research Associate
Mathematics for Applications
in Cultural Heritage

sp751 at

Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Wilberforce Road 
Cambridge CB3 0WA
United Kingdom


08/06/20: New preprint on unsupervised clustering of Roman pottery profiles with stacked sparse autoencoders
16/04/20: Mini-symposium “Cultural Heritage Imaging Science” (I, II, III) accepted @ SIAM IS 20 (cancelled, COVID19);
18/03/20: Our paper “Variational Osmosis for Non-Linear Image Fusion” will appear in IEEE Trans. Image Process.;
06/02/20: Research Visit and Seminar Talk @ Hercules Lab, Évora, PT;
08/01/20: Our paper “Higher-Order Total Directional Variation: Analysis” will appear in SIAM J. Imaging Sci.;
14/11/19: Annual Meeting of MACH research project;
19/07/19: Organiser of “Mathematical Imaging Models for CH Conservation” @ ICIAM 2019, Valencia, ES;
19/07/19: Invited talk “Anisotropic osmosis filter for shadow removal in images” @ ICIAM 2019, Valencia, ES;
01/07/19: Oral Presentation “Total Directional Variation for Video Denoising” @ SSVM 2019, Hofgeismar, DE;

Research Interests