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Gioco del Ponte (Pisa, IT)

Every last Saturday of June in Pisa (Tuscany), 12 teams of 20 players each face off, pushing with force a very heavy trolley running on rails and positioned in the middle of the Ponte di Mezzo on the Lungarni. They are allowed to push with their legs and necks but not their arms. The objective is to advance until the flag of the enemy faction falls. The Gioco del Ponte involves 6 fights and a possible play-off. Photos below refer to the 2022 edition.

Cambridge (UK)

Cambridge, the East Anglian city built on the River Cam and a home of one of the most thriving universities in the world.   

This set of images illuminates the city in its black&white version.


The “Premiata Forneria Marconi” (PFM) is an iconic 100% italian progressive rock band founded in 1970.

These shots refer to the stage of Palazzolo Acreide (SR) in 2013, for the promotion of their album “PFM in Classic. Da Mozart a Beethoven”.